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  • Brand Name – Adipex- P
  • Generic Name – Phentermine
  • Drug Class – Anorexiants, CNS stimulants

Quick Introduction to Adipex

Adipex is an FDA-approved medication and the brand version of Phentermine. It stimulates the nerves and brain [CNS], enhancing blood pressure and heart rate and reducing appetite.

It may function by lowering hunger, boosting the body’s energy, or impacting specific brain areas.

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Drug Info and use

Adipex is mainly used with a doctor-recommended exercise, a reduced-calorie diet program, and behavior change to help you manage weight. If you are overweight, suffer from obesity, or have weight-related medical issues, you may order Adipex online as an effective treatment.

Here are the other uses of Adipex

ADHD– In a few cases, Adipex can be used off-label to manage symptoms associated with ADHD.

Depression– As a CNS stimulant, Adipex may temporarily improve mood and can be used to alleviate symptoms of depression.

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FDA Status

Adipex-P, which contains the active ingredient phentermine, is approved by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a treatment for weight loss. Adipex-P is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance in the United States. This categorization is due to its potential for abuse and dependence.

However, it is considered to have a lower possibility for abuse compared to drugs in Schedules I, II, and III.

Chemical Composition

Active Ingredients- Phentermine Hydrochloride

Inactive Ingredients-

  • Corn Starch
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Lactose (anhydrous)
  • Pregelatinized Starch
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Sucrose
  • FD&C Blue #1 (Brilliant Blue FCF)

Approval History

The FDA in the United States has approved Adipex-P, a medication that contains the active component phentermine, as a weight loss aid. FDA-approved in 1959, its usual duration of usage is a few weeks. It is meant to be part of a comprehensive weight-management program that includes diet, physical activity, and behavioral changes.

Drug Supply details

  • Manufacturer – Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.
  • Supplier – Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.

Colors and Imprints

StrengthImprintColorShapeNDC (National Drug Code)
37.5 mgADIPEX-P 9 9Blue & White SpecksOval57844-0009
37.5 mgADIPEX-P 9 9WhiteCapsule/Oblong57844-0140
37.5 mgADIPEX-P 37.5Blue & WhiteCapsule/Oblong57844-0019

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Adipex Standard Dosage

Dosage for Adults: The typical dosage for Adipex-P is 37.5 mg, taken once a day.

Administration: This dose is usually taken in the morning before breakfast or 1-2 hours after breakfast to use its appetite-suppressing effects throughout the day and to avoid sleep disturbances.

Adipex Alternative Dosing

Split Dosing: Healthcare experts recommend splitting the daily dose for some patients. It would involve taking 18.75 mg (half a tablet) in the morning and another 18.75 mg later in the day, but there is still time to prevent sleep issues.


Consistency: Take your drug at the same time every day to maintain an even level of the medicine in your body.

Follow Prescribed Instructions: Always follow the dosage and timing as your healthcare provider prescribes. Do not adjust the dose unless directed by your doctor.

What to avoid while taking Adipex?

You should avoid taking Adipex-P if you have a painful experience of heart problems such as previous strokes, heart rhythm issues, or more.

Please do not consume this drug if you have taken MAO inhibitors in the previous 13-14 days. A harmful drug interaction may happen by combining Adipex with these inhibitors.

To ensure Adipex is suitable for you, tell your physician if you have

  • High BP, glaucoma
  • Thyroid issues, previous drug abuse
  • Diabetes, Nervousness, or anxiety

Avoid driving or doing anything that requires a lot of attention and concentration after starting Adipex until you know how this drug impacts you. Few people may notice dizziness, trouble concentrating, and other side effects that may make it harmful for you to drive.

Please inform your healthcare expert immediately if you have these side effects, especially if they don’t disappear over time.

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How to consume Adipex?

  • While using Adipex, you must follow the instructions of your healthcare expert. Your healthcare expert may change your dose occasionally.
  • Adipex is generally taken before breakfast or one to two hours after breakfast. You should follow your healthcare expert’s dosing tips very carefully.
  • This drug can be addictive. Misuse can be the reason for overdose or addiction. Giving away or selling Adipex is against the law.
  • Please do not stop taking Adipex suddenly, or you may have undesired withdrawal symptoms. Consult your healthcare expert about how to stop taking this drug safely.
  • Keep Adipex at room temperature and away from extreme humidity, sunlight, and moisture.
  • If you are about to buy Adipex online, you must take it under the exclusive guidance of an experienced healthcare expert.

When to see a doctor?

While using Adipex, see a doctor if you experience rapid heart rate, unusual mood changes, sudden increases in BP, shortness of breath, chest pain, swelling in your legs or ankles, or if you develop symptoms of dependency like needing to increase the dose to achieve the same effect.

Also, consult your doctor if you don’t see any weight loss after using the medication for a few weeks. Regular check-ups are essential to monitoring your health while on Adipex.

Possible side effects of Adipex

You should get urgent medical attention if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction to Adipex, such as

  • Swelling of your body parts
  • Difficult respiration, hives

Common side effects

  • Constipation, stomach ache
  • Decreased or increased interest in sex

Severe side effects

  • Dry mouth, unpleasant taste
  • Redness of the skin

These side effects may improve as your body gets used to the medication. However, you must be cautious after buying Adipex online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take Adipex?

Adipex is suitable for adults with a BMI [body mass index] of 30 or higher or 27 or higher with weight-related health issues such as diabetes or high BP. It’s not recommended for those with a history of heart disease, glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, or substance abuse issues.

How long does Adipex stay in your system?

Adipex typically stays in your system for about 1 to 4 days. However, this duration may differ based on metabolism, age, body mass, and overall health. Adipex can be detected in urine for up to 4 days, and its elimination half-life is approximately 20 hours.

Is Adipex addictive?

Yes, Adipex can be addictive. This drug is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance due to its possibility of abuse and dependence. This risk is why it’s prescribed for short-term use and under strict medical supervision. Users should follow their doctor’s instructions closely and not take it for longer than recommended to lower the risk of addiction.

What is Adipex overdose?

An Adipex overdose occurs when someone takes more than the prescribed amount of this drug. Symptoms can include rapid breathing, confusion, panic, hallucinations, extreme restlessness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, and seizures. An overdose of Adipex can be severe and potentially life-threatening. Immediate medical attention is crucial if an overdose is suspected.